Whaddayaknow? It works!


After yesterday’s angst-fest, I decided to shut the hell up and follow the advice I’ve been claiming is so valuable. That is, I forced myself to jump in there and write my way out of the muck and mire…and it worked. The first few sentences were absolute shit, but as I made myself continue, the words began to flow more naturally out of my brain and onto my screen and before I knew it, I had the beginnings of another chapter. Huzzah!

So thank you, Unwitting Author Mentors, you’ve saved me again. I was even inspired later to revisit a short story I wrote many years ago. Eventually I decided that, while it was kind of a cool idea, the thing is a flea-bitten pig that needs to be either put down or rewritten entirely. This too is a learning experience.

Now I’m way behind on writing that I’m actually getting paid for, so my thoughts on Looking for Gods and Freelance Writing vs. Writing the Fiction Dream will have to wait for another day…

Happy Friday, blogosphere!


2 thoughts on “Whaddayaknow? It works!

    • The weirdest thing about your comment is that, as I wrote the angsty post from yesterday, I almost made a joke about sticking my finger in an electric socket in addition to asking someone to smack me or jumping into water. So I guess not all my instincts are completely off, eh??? 😉

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